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Preparing for Finals -Fall Semester 😬📚

Beautiful art piece of mine that I had done awhile back. It brings smiles and calmness to my heart.


This week I am finishing up my last 5 classes with final projects, papers and homework. Next week are finals for my Fall semester. I'm amazed being 39 and I am doing way better than when I was a teen with school . It's a dream and I'm working hard to get that Family Science degree.


I want to help individuals and Families in anyway I can along with building up my talents and passions with my husband Tarl. Working on our store online and much more to come.


Though stresses may come your way in many forms, don't forget to see what you're focusing on .


I have 2 semesters left and if all works out will graduate Summer 2023 just in time for my 40th Birthday. I am grateful for the support my husband and all others give me. It's hard but I am capable.


Enjoy your day. Focus on what matters to you. Give yourself breaks, permission, release and whatever else you need. You're Capable and amazing.


Keep shining ✨️ Be inspired ✨️

~Jackie Inspires ~

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05. Dez. 2022

Love this! 🥰

Gefällt mir

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