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Self-care and Self love

Choosing light instead of darkness. Don't give up hope or on yourself. You're amazing 💜

Please love yourself despite anyone's opinions or choices about you or other things. Love and express yourself the way you decide how to progress and know despite any challenges, choices, tragedies, mistakes, consequences or any other things, YOU ARE IMPORTANT ALWAYS.

We can't and won't ever make everyone happy or our friend, or stop the hurt, attacks and hatred. We can just start with ourselves and grow from everything.

No matter the struggles and decisions you make. No matter the choices or mistakes. No matter how awful or horrific your experiences have been...YOU ARE PRICELESS 💜

Please love yourself and be your own cheerleader even among the gossip, bullying, hurt, pain, ridicule, anger, assuming, judging and other negative actions of others whether past, present or future.

Grab a hold of your shell and love you in all circumstances and experiences. You can overcome. You will stand strong. You are capable. You matter 💜

Keep shining ✨️

~Jackie Inspires ~

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