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"You're Not Alone "by Jackie Telford 2022

Newest wood art piece. One challenge I completed.

I've always been real on my Feelings. Usually I Express in an artistic way or words. I'm coming close to 4 weeks left of fall semester. I then just have 2 semesters left till graduation. Been a long journey.

The thing is I've always kept going in anything and did my best and even when things or people literally wanted to be rid of me. When adversary tries or thinks he has won. I come back even stronger.

You see I love my life and my amazing journey with Tarl . I am grateful in all circumstances. But sometimes things get so overwhelming and challenging 😪 like school and big project coming up. Also the many specialists I see, off meds for diabetes then try this , off 2 insulin then back on with mix.

My rheumatoid arthritis and Oestoarthritis with horrible flareups especially weather changes it hurts. I'm 39 and I have had over 12 surgeries, tons of procedures, tests, medicines, and other challenges. I hurt . I cry. I push to get out of bed at times. It comes and goes. There's no exaggerating. It's exhausting.

Tarl sees its and I love he can hug and pray for me or bless me. I am safe with him. And it helps me know how blessed I am despite my trials. I have my special person.

But he can't take away my pain, my challenges or overwhelming situations in school or life. He is there. Just as our Savior. I pray for angels just as he was in Gethsemane being strengthened. We're not alone.

Lyrics I've written 🎶🎶🎶

I just ask that we show each of our family members near and far or those friends or family we haven't spoken to , show more compassion and love. More communication and empathy. Even those in community, church, neighbors, strangers around the world.

Not just when disasters or trauma or holidays. Everyone hurts. Everyone sins. Everyone has needs and challenges. Just love not judge. Please. Please look after yourselves, family and love ones. Because we all need that light within us to shine and definitely the saviors love which comes from all . Especially when you've had enough and feel helpless.

Share goodness. Mourn with others. Love one another. Help one another. Treat one another . Forgive one another. Care for one another.

Be there for each other. Near or far. Surprise. Text. Vist. Gift. Love. Hug. Pray. Each day . Show support and let others know you're there and they are important. ( Not just holidays)

I could use prayers of strength too. 💜

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Keep shining ✨️ Be inspired ✨️

~Jackie Inspires ~

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