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Words of comfort from loss💜🎶

I wrote this poem in 2015 after losing my last grandma who I was close too along with few friends.

There were many suggested to turn my poem into a song . So as a rough draft I did that with help from a friend John who put some music to it.

I really want to make a cd . I have many lyrics and a voice but I don't make music to complete a song. Since I was little I have always used language and the arts to help understand myself and others better. To serve, love and support through my talents.

One day when I can afford and find some willing to help make that cd, it will be a blessing. Being a singer and I was in choir, ensemble, plays, programs, chorus, solo etc.

So here I share part of my heart. I hope you share with others that may be struggling or you're missing your loved ones. Or those about to pass on. I feel for you. I send my love and most of all my heart through a song or poem however you wish to understand the emotions and words. My heart is with you. May you find comfort in my words.

Here is the rough draft of song years ago. It will be better one day if that day opens.

Keep shining ✨️ Be inspired ✨️

~Jackie Inspires ~

THAT MOMENT By Jackie Telford (C) 2015

That moment when you touched my life.

That moment when I never wanted you to leave my side.

That moment i cried so hard or felt broken inside

That moment i didn't want to say goodbye.

I love you so much and hurt at the same time.

Nobody can understand the pain i feel inside

Wherever you are you always have a place

Deep inside my heart that i can't erase.

No matter if we saw each other day by day

I know you loved me even the same.

You are gone and it takes time to comprehend

Loving you grows stronger with no end

That moment you were gone i just knew

That it was real and i had to believe it too.

That moment that your pain was gone

I knew you were in a place where you belonged.

Say hello to all the loved ones and hug them for me

Have them do the same for you from me

I can't express what you mean to me

I can't express how you touched so many lives

I just want to express you were always loving and didn't think twice.

No matter the reason you filled our life with joy

You laughed,you cried,and you never left anyone behind you were so very nice.

Only to notice that moment is still

Wishing i could hug you one last time

Wishing i didn't have to say bye

WIshing i spent more time with you

Wishing you knew how much i cared for you.

No matter how you touched my life

No matter who you were in my life

You loved me no matter what.

The words you told me will always stay

Deep inside me and reminded on my bad days.

Your sweet spirit that everyone knew

Will guide and keep me going through

Never giving up hope to see you again

Because that is eternity my friend

I know where you are and so glad of that.

Thank you heavenly father for sharing with me

An angel who loved so many unconditionally.

Because of that moment it helps when you went away

Being able to look Brighter each day

.As you listen to my words and see my tears

I love you forever and will not fear

For one day we will be together

We will always stay close together

But now as you part for a short time

Know that others you touched in your life

Will remember you too and we all stick together

Because you taught to love one another and we all belong together forever.

Till we meet again i want you to know loving you never ends

Till we meet again my wonderful friend.....

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